[Owasp-vancouver] Meeting Schedule

Yvan Boily yvanboily at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 19:03:32 EDT 2010

Hi OWASP Vancouver Chapter Members,

Given the success in drawing people for the last two OWASP meetings, and the
growing availability of speakers from the local security community I would
like to move the group to a monthly meeting schedule.  This is six months
ahead of the schedule I proposed at the informal meetup in April, but I
think we have enough people interested to push it forward!

Martin Kyle from Sierra Systems has indicated that we can continue to use
the space at Sierra Systems on a monthly basis, so I propose the following
meeting schedule:

   - August 19th
   - September 23rd
   - October 21st
   - November 25th

Over the next four months we will have speakers on PCI DSS, Threat Modelling
and Tools, Exploitation Techniques, Fuzzing, and Security Development
Lifecycle.  This covers off many of the topics that people have asked about,
but to keep the presentations interesting and continue to build an active
AppSec community, we need to reach out to the community and find out what
people are interested in.

**Ask your friends and colleagues what topics they might be interested in
hearing about; if you have tough questions that are on-topic for the group,
please send them in!  Most of all, we need active participation to make the
chapter a success!

I will send out the August meeting announcement later this week once I
receive confirmation from the speakers.

Yvan Boily

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