[Owasp-vancouver] September 23rd meeting, Dana Epp on Threat Modeling with Microsoft SDL

Yvan Boily yvanboily at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 01:52:10 EDT 2010

*OWASP Chapter Meeting Announcement*

I am pleased to announce the next OWASP Vancouver meeting!  As previously
announced on the mailing list, we will have the meeting on September 23rd,
and Sierra Systems is once again hosting our meeting.

This month we have Dana Epp from Scorpion Software who will lead the group
in performing a threat model of an application using the Microsoft SDL
Threat Modeling process and tools!  This session is an interactive session
that will provide an opportunity for the attendees to participate as well as
learn how to use this free and powerful process and tool from Microsoft.

*Call for Volunteer:* We are looking for a volunteer to offer an application
for threat modeling!  This is an opportunity to learn how this tool and
process can be applied directly to your development cycle and business!  If
you are interested in volunteering your application for this session, please
let me know!

Please confirm attendance by voting at
http://micropoll.com/t/KERPsZBMHr(this is an anonymous poll
 to get a rough estimate of attendees)
Date & Time: *Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 @ 5:30pm

*Location: *
Sierra Systems
1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 2500
Vancouver, BC V6E 2K3


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