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*OWASP MSP <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Minneapolis_St_Paul>  Presents*

*John Benninghoff*

* * Behavioral Information Security:

 An Introduction
*Date:* Monday, September 17th, 2012        REGISTER


*5:30 PM *Room opens for networking and CPE signup

*6:15 PM* Welcome: OWASP chapter update

*6:30 PM* *John Benninghoff*

*7:45 PM* Wrap-up

*Thank You **Cargill* <http://www.cargill.com/>  <http://www.cargill.com/>for
sponsoring our meeting location

Talk Title:  Behavioral Information Security: An Introduction

Information Security is failing to defend our assets because we've been
distracted by possible risks (unknown unknowns)  and are wasting resources
as a result. Even experts perform little better than random chance at
prediction, so we need to stop trying to prevent what we can't predict. By
focusing on threats, (known unknowns) we can adapt our defenses to the
likely attacks, and more efficiently reduce our risk exposure.

Research conducted by the Secret Service demonstrated that while malicious
threats don't fit a common profile, they exhibit common attack behaviors.
The Verizon DBIR will be used to show how security incident data can be
used to build a model of attackers based on their behaviors, which can be
used to design more effective defenses, and adapt over time as threats
change tactics. Behavioral threat models can help focus our limited
resources, determine which controls work (some for the right reasons, some
not), which controls don't, and maximize the value of your security

Past and current threat modeling approaches, including STRIDE, will be
discussed and compared to Behavioral Threat Modeling.

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Please contact Lorna at lorna.alamri at owasp.org or 651-338-0243 if you would
like to sponsor a meeting or meeting location for an upcoming OWASP MSP
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