[Owasp-twincities] Hack Factory Cabaret this Thursday from 7-9pm at Hack Factory.

David Bryan dave at drstrangelove.net
Tue May 18 17:33:42 EDT 2010

Just sending along an announcement about the lightning talks (~5 minutes) being run this Thursday night @ the Hack Factory.

For complete info see the blog post: http://www.tcmaker.org/blog/2010/05/announcing-hack-factory-cabaret/

Show starts at 7pm, doors at 6:30pm.

Bring your own drinks, and bring your friends for a fun filled night of short and hopefully fun speed talks!

Talks scheduled include:
    * The Space Phone Project
    * A Homebrew IDE controller
    * Homerbrew Beer Brewing
    * Building the MakerBot
    * The Star Tree
    * Urban Exploration
    * Bonsai!
    * Interstellar Pleasure Barge
    * Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB) with the University of Minnesota Ballooning Team
    * The Tiny Shanty

If you wish to submit a talk to the group please contact myself or Matt (mpm at selenic.com).  We still have spaces open for people to talk, it's only 5 minutes!


-Hack Factory Cabaret Folks!
Twitter: tcmaker

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