[Owasp-twincities] OWASP Minneapolis-St. Paul 2009 Event Sponsorship

kuai hinojosa kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org
Mon Jul 27 10:04:13 EDT 2009

OWASP Minneapolis-St. Paul 2009 Half Day Conference Sponsorship

The OWASP Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter is seeking sponsors for its  
2009 half-day event on August 24th. The speakers scheduled for the  
afternoon are Seth Peter, Pravir Chandra, and Bruce Schneier.

What would I be sponsoring?
Your sponsorship would help to offset the cost of refreshments and a  
book give away. Remaining funds would go into the OWASP MSP account to  
help support airfare for future speakers and to help fund ongoing  
chapter expenses.

How much would it cost to sponsor the event?
Sponsorship for the August 24th half-day event starts at $250.

What are the benefits of sponsorship of this event for my organization?
	• Your organization's logo will be displayed on the event webpage.
	• There will be a shared table for your organization's literature.
	• You will be able to print a roll-up display for placement in the  
hall for check-in or on stage where speakers will be presenting.
Okay, who do I contact to arrange to sponsor the event?
E-mail Lorna at lorna.alamri at owasp.org.

Thank you for supporting OWASP MSP through sponsoring this event!

Kuai Hinojosa, OWASP MSP Chapter President

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