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I'm forwarding this message From Firasat Khan  at MnScu regarding the RFP
they currently have our for course development. I think this is a wonderful
opportunity for those of you interested in putting together a  2-4 hour
course on one of the specific topics they are looking for.

From: Firasat Khan [mailto:Firasat.Khan at minneapolis.edu]
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 9:42 AM
To: Lorna Alamri
Subject: Open Round 2 RFP (due April 30) - developers sought for
10IT/Security courses for MnSCU technic

Dear Colleagues,

Please read further if you are interested in learning about, and
disseminating, the RFP information to your staff members and contacts.
The RFP response is due April 30, and if interested the simple response
process is described below.

Courses in Round 2 of the MnSCU Information Security Training Program for
Campus Technical Staff:

The mini 2 to 4-hour courses being considered for initial development
DESK211 - Malware Prevention and Endpoint Security Management
DESK301 - Desktop Hardening: Running Applications without Administrator
DESK311 - Malware Investigations and Removal ENCR210 - Check  Point Full
Disk Encryption: Administration and Deployment ENCR220 - Check Point Media
Encryption/Pointsec Protector ENCR310 - Advanced Check Point Full Disk
Encryption: Administration and Support
MGMT221 - Information Security Policies
PROG111 - OWASP and the Top Ten Web Application Security Flaws
SERV221 - Intrusion Detection/Prevention and File Integrity Monitoring
SERV311 - Virtualization Security
NOTE:  Developers create course content, quizzes and demos (if applicable).
No online learning skills needed.  The Center for Strategic IT & Security
(CSITS) converts these for online delivery.

Dissemination and expected time commitment:
If you or any of your staff members wish to help develop these courses, the
time commitment will be outside of their regular assignment and work will be
spread out over 4 to 5 weeks and would amount to about 10-15 hours per
week.  Actual development period will be set upon discussion with the
developer and would depending on availability and existing commitments.  The
RFP is also open to both MnSCU faculty/staff and to non-MnSCU developers.
See the relevant RFP document at the following link for details:

Response to the RFP:
The RFP response is very quick and easy (5-10 minutes if you have your
resume/CV ready).  Interested developers would fill out a brief online form
at the RFP site and follow up with an email containing their resume/CV prior
to the deadline of Thursday, April 30, 5 p.m. CST Step 1: Look at the
courses and detailed outlines at the RFP site.  You can also look at some
sample content developed in Round 1.
Step 2: Review the relevant RFP document (there is one for MnSCU employees
and another for interested external developers) Step 3: Fill out the online
response form and follow up with an email containing your resume/CV

RFP site:
(Worried about phishing?  You can also navigate to the RFP page from the
CSITS home page - type  www.strategicIT.org in your browser, and access the
link titled 'MnSCU Security Training' near the top right

CSITS's Information Contact for purposes of responding to inquiries about
the RFP:
Name: Firasat Khan
Title: Senior Security Project Manager
Address: 1501 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Telephone: 612 659 7226
Firasat.Khan at metrostate.edu

Other persons are not authorized to discuss RFP requirements before the
proposal submission deadline and CSITS shall not be bound by and responders
may not rely on information regarding RFP requirements obtained from non
authorized persons. Questions must be submitted by email to the Information
Contact above before the RFP deadline.

Thank you,

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