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Kuai Hinojosa kuai.hinojosa at owasp.org
Wed Oct 1 13:27:58 EDT 2008

Hello World!

I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone about today's meeting. It
is a real honor and a privilege to host Andrew Van Der Stock. Andrew
is well known in the web application security world as well as the
OWASP community. He has been working on the OWASP Top Ten, The
Developer Guide and ESAPI to mention a few of the projects he has been
contributing to. I encourage you to stop by this evening and learn
more about the Developers Guide 3.0.  Check the table of contents so
you can see for yourself!


In another note, the OWASP mini conference details are here! We have
been working hard trying to make this mini conference available and
affordable to everyone. Unfortunately, admissions won't be free as I
was hoping to, there is just too much cost that we need to cover
(location, food, logistics) which made this impossible. The GOOD news
is that we will be able to provide a one day mini conference with
lunch included at a cost of $25!!!!! So for just $25 dollars you will
get access to the BOF event with will be during the luncheon and you
will be have the opportunity to interact and hear great speakers such
as Jeff Williams OWASP foundation Chair, Brian Chess Chief Scientist
and founder of Fortify Software, Richard Stallman President of the
Free Software Foundation, Anil Kumar Revuru who is responsible for
architecting the security tools at Microsoft to mention a few. So for
this price you are getting the opportunity to participate, get
involved and contribute funds to our local chapter.

Please check the mini conference page and see all the speakers and
presentations we are lining up for this event, you won't want to miss!
mark your calendars. If you did not get a chance to go to the NYC
OWASP conference here is your chance to see Jeff Williams talk on the
ESAPI project. This project is the next OWASP key project I encourage
you to check it out.



NEXT OWASP Meeting – Oct 1st  Andrew Van der Stock


The OWASP Developer Guide 3.0 is coming. Learn what's new, how to
build secure software, and how you can help to make the Developer
Guide the best ever release of OWASP's first guide!

Andrew Van der Stock is a leading web application researcher active in
the web application security community. Andrew is a Senior Application
Security Engineer at Aspect Security, specializing in enterprise
security architecture, J2EE and PHP web application and web services
security. Andrew has 18 years experience in the IT industry,
specializing for the last 10 years in web application security, risk
management, and architecture for large financial services, logistics
and telecommunications clients.

Andrew has a long history with the open source world as a developer
and researcher. He has contributed to the following projects:

·       OWASP Guide Project Lead / Primary Author  (2005-)

·       OWASP Top 10 2007 Project Lead / Primary Author (2007-)

·       OWASP PHP Top 5 (2006)

·       SANS Top 20 Web Application Security Section Author (2005-)

·       SANS GSSP J2EE Secure Programmer Certification, Contributor (2007)

·       UltimaBB PHP forum software, Lead Developer (2005-2008)

·       XMB PHP forum software, Developer (2002-2004), Security
Manager (2004-2005, 2008)

Andrew is the moderator of webappsec, one of the primary web app sec
mail lists. Previously, Andrew helped create open source low level
device drivers for XFree86, a graphical sub-system and Hewlett Packard
printers for Linux, NetBSD, and other Unix-like systems.

Please RSVP at:   http://www.go-integral.net/node/233

The room we are scheduled for is a smaller room, so we'll need to
communicate with you if the location changes.

Date: October 1st, 2008
Time: 6 p.m.

Location: MEC building Room M 2300

Address: 1501 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (Hennepin and
Spruce, Entrance on Harmon Place)

Directions:  http://www.metrostate.edu/bldgservices/location.html


6:00pm - Introduction and optional sign-in for CISSP credits

6:10pm - Welcome: OWASP chapter updates, Conference Announcement!

6:30pm - Andrew Van der Stock

8:15 pm - Upcoming Events reminder and meeting wrap-up

Thank you:

Center for Strategic Information Technology and Security for sponsor
our location

We currently are looking for a meeting sponsor for refreshments for
the meeting and for the book give-away.

Call Lorna at 651-338-0243 if you need directions or have questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lorna Alamri

Dir: 651-259-1001

Cell: 651-338-0243

Fax: 651-631-2544

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