[Owasp-twincities] Meeting reminder: Tuesday 6:00, MNSCU, Testing, Source Code, 2 books to give away

Robert Sullivan msp.sullivan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 11:55:55 EDT 2007

The next Twin Cities OWASP meeting is 10/16 in Minneapolis.
The location is MNSCU, MEC Building, Room M2800.

We have two books to give away (Securing Software through Static Analysis
and SOA in Practice - The art of distributed system design) and two featured

Details and driving instructions are at the OWASP/Local site at:

 *Continuous Testing: Andre Gironda*

Continuous testing presents methodologies and tools that developers, quality
engineers, and security professionals can all share and use effectively to
their own unique approach. The tools presented are cross-discipline, meaning
they can be utilized by a developer as a development tool, by a qa-tester as
a quality assurance tool, and by a vulnerability assessor as a security
assurance tool. Whether you're trying to build better code faster,
demonstrate the power of automated testing using a data-driven test
framework, or find security-related defects - Continuous testing has
something for you.

*Java Open Review: Fredrick Lee (OWASP & Fortify) *

Fortify has sought to develop a set of metrics that combine lessons learned
from our experience working on various enterprise code bases and our work on
the Java Open Review project. The metrics are designed to incorporate
diverse criteria, including the size of the application, and the types of
vulnerabilities identified. The metrics provide a mechanism to rate software
components for security concerns and enable enterprises to:
- Evaluate which open source projects offer an acceptable level of security
- Compare competing open source software solutions based on their security
- Measure internal development efforts against open source counterparts

Give yourself time to find the room and park.
See you there.
Bob S. : Chapter Leader
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