[Owasp-twincities] October meeting suggestion:CISSP items?

Robert Sullivan msp.sullivan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 15:28:39 EDT 2006

I'm putting an agenda together for a meeting 10/17.

A while back one persuasive fellow pointed out that the CISSP questions in
the Application Security domain were out of date and didn't reflect current
practice. That was especially true with respect to Web Application Security.

Since it's easy to write and submit items for CISSP I think we should take
30 min. at our next meeting to write some exam items relating to web app
security. I can bring the item submission guidelines other could bring
reference works to cite and we could work in groups.

Hey, for any of the open-source efforts to work we need to give back and
this seems like with our experience it would be simple and produce excellent

What do you all think?
Bob Sullivan
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