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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Tue Nov 1 15:34:54 EST 2005

Hello everyone,


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1) Basic Philosophy: OWASP's mission is to find and fight the causes of
application vulnerabilities. These span organizational issues, people
issues, process issues, and technology issues. OWASP encourages the informed
use of application security technologies while being critical of excessive
vendor claims.  Note that OWASP does not focus on network or infrastructure
security issues, as the application layer has its own unique issues,
techniques, and technologies.

2) History: OWASP is an open source project started in 2000. The OWASP
Foundation was established as a 501c3 not-for-profit in 2003 and currently
we have thousands of participants around the world.  Our website receives
millions of hits every month and our work (tools and documentation) is used
by many corporations and agencies around the world.  We also have over 50
local chapters working to spread knowledge of application security.  Please
take a minute to explore the website to see the projects and chapters there.
3) Organization: OWASP does all of its work in the open, and everything is
available under one of the open source licenses. We operate on a shoestring
budget and rely on dedicated individuals for just about everything. We've
recently started a membership program so that organizations that benefit
from the work done by the OWASP community can support our mission.

You may be interested in the presentations from the most recent OWASP
conference at NIST.  They are available on the OWASP website at
http://www.owasp.org/conferences/appsec2005dc/schedule.html.  All of the
presentations were videotaped and will be made available for viewing online


Thank you all for your support of OWASP.




Jeff Williams, Chair

The OWASP Foundation


email: jeff.williams at owasp.org

phone: 410-707-1487



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