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Mobil web uygulamaları güvenliğinide hesaba katmak lazım :)

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Immunity's Guide to Being Mobile and Secure

Choose your OS:
 - Sorry Google-Fans. Android is the least secure mobile phone
operating system that you'll actually use - it's accessible and easy
to write applications for - and that means less secure.
- - The Blackberry is the least secure mobile phone OS that you won't
use (at least, not if you don't have to)
- - Windows Phone 7 is the most secure operating system, partially
because no one has ever seen it in the wild. But both the iPhone and
WP7 are built from the ground up to restrict what the consumer does
with their phone. This makes them "secure" both for you, and for large
media companies who want to make money off you.

Choose what you do:
- - Don't ever do internet banking on your phone
- - Don't submit checks to your bank from your phone
- - Don't take naughty pictures on your phone
- - There's no halfway here. You either want someone to take all your
money or you don't.

Choose your connection:
- - Stick with 3G if you can, while traveling. WiFi is short for "I like
it when other people log into my facebook as me".
- - Buy yourself a local phone when you go out-of-country.

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