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fakat Framework tabanlı calisiyor linux platformlarını destekleyen bir
sürümü şimdilik yok sanırım.

On Wed, 2010-04-07 at 17:33 +0300, Bunyamin Demir wrote:
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>                              Netsparker® Free Community Edition
>           Mavituna Security Ltd is proud to announce the release of
>                         Netsparker Community Edition.
>          Netsparker Community Edition is False Positive Free and can
>           detect both SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting issues
>                       better than many other scanners. 
>              Netsparker Community Edition also detects many other
>          vulnerabilities such as finding and reporting backup files,
>            source code disclosures, Crossdomain.xml issues, SVN/CVS
>           disclosures, internal path disclosures, error messages and
>                                   many more.
>           Don't take our word for it, simply fire up your favourite
>           scanner and compare the results with those from Netsparker
>             Community Edition. You won't see a False-Positive from
>                Netsparker Community Edition and it'll find more
>                                vulnerabilities.
>           Web application security is a big challenge and Netsparker
>          Community Edition is a vital tool for the security community
>                 and developers alike. Netsparker® Professional
>                            Netsparker® Professional
>         Netsparker Community Edition shares the same base engine with
>         Netsparker Professional. The Netsparker family are not simply
>          more web application security scanners but represent a step
>          forward into the next generation. Netsparker features False
>                Positive Free Scanning, Integrated Exploitation,
>            Post-Exploitation Vulnerability Assessment and accurate
>                                   detection.
>           Netsparker Professional users also benefit from enterprise
>         features, more security checks, priority technical support and
>          updates. For more information about Netsparker® please visit
>                         our website, email or call us.
>                                   Regards, 
>                                Ferruh Mavituna
>                    Founder and Lead Developer of Netsparker
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