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Merhaba Kerem,
Çok yararlı bir proje gerçekten teşekkürler. Hala 2008'e geçmemiş biri
olarak çok yararlanacağım bir şey.

2008/2/6, Izzet Kerem Kusmezer <keremskusmezer at gmail.com>:
> Merhabalar Arkadaslar,
> .Net Frameworkun butun source kodunu tek seferde indirmeniz ,
> ayni zamanda offline olarak debug yapabilmeniz,
> ayrica kodu vs2005'te debug edebilmeniz icin asagidaki uygulamayi
> gelistirdim.
> Grab your copy from
> http://www.codeplex.com/NetMassDownloader/Wiki/View.aspx?title=Home
> It allows batch download, offline debugging and debug under 2005 for MS
> Permissive Licence Code.
> NET Mass Downloader
> Welcome to the .NET Mass Downloader project. While it's great that
> Microsoft has released the .NET Reference Source Code, you can only get it
> one file at a time while you're debugging. If you'd like to batch download
> it for reading or to populate the cache, you'd have to write a program that
> instantiated and called each method in the Framework Class Library.
> Fortunately, .NET Mass Downloader comes to the rescue!
> Using .NET Mass Downloader
> Open a command or PowerShell prompt and navigate to where you extracted
> the current release. The tool itself is NetMassDownloader.exe and when run
> without parameters shows the following help screen:
> .Net Mass Downloader - (c) 2008 by Kerem Kusmezer, John Robbins
> Batch download the Microsoft .NET Reference Source code.
> Usage: NetMassDownloader [-file <file>]
>                          [-directory <directory]
>                          [-output <directory>]
>                          [-vsver <version>]
>                          [-force] [-nologo] [-verbose] [-?]
>     -file      - Download an individual file's PDB and source code. You
> can
>                  specify multiple file parameters. (Short -f).
>     -directory - Download all the found PDB and source code for all files
> in
>                  the specified directory. You can specify multiple
>                  directory parameters (Short -d).
>     -output    - The output directory for PDB and source files. The
> default
>                  directory is the cache directory set in Visual Studio
> 2008.
>                  By using the cache directory, you'll have the PDB and
> source
>                  files available to Visual Studio 2008. However, to use
> the
>                  .NET Reference Source Code with VS 2005, use the -output
>                  switch and in the Options dialog, Debugging, Symbols
> property
>                  page, add the specified output directory to the "Symbol
> file
>                  (.pdb) locations." Also, add the directory to the
> Solution
>                  Properties, Common Properties, Debug Source Files,
> Directories
>                  containing source code location. The Visual Studio 2005
>                  debugger will automatically load the source code. (Short
> -o)
>     -vsver     - The Visual Studio version number to use for finding the
> cache
>                  directory. The default is Visual Studio 2008,
>                  but if you want to use the cache directory for Visual
> Studio
>                  2005, you would pass '-vsver 8.0' (without quotes) (Short
> -vs)
>     -force     - If specified, forces the downloading the PDB files into
> the
>                  symbol server. When downloading to a symbol server if the
>                  exists, it's not downloaded. Using the -output switch
> will
>                  always download and process the PDB. (Short -fo)
>     -nologo    - Don't show the logo information. (Short -n)
>     -verbose   - Do verbose output. May be worth turning on as the
> downloading
>                  source code can take a long time. (Short -v)
>     -?         - This help message.
> The only required arguments are –file or –directory, both of which can be
> specified as many times as you'd like. When you specify a directory, only
> the .DLL and .EXE files from that directory will be processed. If you wanted
> to download all the source code from binaries in the .NET 2.0 32-bit and
> 64-bit directories, the command line you'd pass is: -d
> C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 –d
> C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727.
> The main purpose of Net Mass Downloader is to populate the source code
> download cache for debugging, the default download location is the cache you
> specified to Visual Studio 2008. The –vsver switch to account for future
> Visual Studio versions so Mass Downloader could work with future CTPs and
> versions.
> While it's great to see the .NET Reference Source Code in Visual Studio
> 2008, there are a lot of developers out there who can't upgrade yet, but
> would love to be able to debug into the .NET Reference Source Code. If you
> specify the -output parameter, the PDB and .NET Reference Source Code will
> be written to the specified directory. In Visual Studio 2005, place that
> directory in the Options dialog, Debugging, Symbols property page. In the
> "Symbol file (.pdb) locations" list box as the first item. Also in the
> Options dialog, Debugging, General property page, uncheck "Require source
> files to exactly match the original version." Finally, in each Visual Studio
> 2005 project go into the solution property pages, Common Properties,
> Debugging Source Files, and in the "Directories containing source code" add
> the output directory to the top of the list. That's enough for Visual Studio
> 2005 to debug into the .NET Reference Source Code.
> When you first run Net Mass Downloader, you will be prompted with the
> current EULA for accessing the source code. If you don't agree with the
> Microsoft EULA, clicking the Decline button will not download the source
> code.
> Afiyet olsun. :)
> 06.02.2008 tarihinde Oğuzhan YILMAZ <aspsrc at gmail.com> yazmış:
> >
> >
> > Selamlar,
> > Daha önce DVD'sini yayınladıkları BlackHat videolarını aşağıdaki linkte
> > yayınlamaya başlamışlar.
> >
> > http://mirrors.easynews.com/blackhat/blackhat-2007-usa-video/
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