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Sandra Paiva

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Hi Fabio, Fiona


Happy 2011 to you both!


I apologise for not getting back to you sooner with news on this - I have
been completely taken up by the OWASP Academies process.


With regard to the Training Day:

- We have secured the presence of Dinis (02 Platform Project), Colin Watson
(AppSensor Project), Alessio Marziali (Code Crawler Project) and Martin
Knobloch (Webgoat/Webscarab Projects);

- Alessio will be able to cover his own expenses;

- Psiinon will not be able to be there to present the Zed Attack - he was
quite keen but due to a conflict of commitments it will not be possible,

- Matteo also apologises but will not be able to participate this time;

- Despite several emails sent, I still haven't heard back from Heiko or
Cathal - I will insist with them for an answer but, in my view, it's
probably better to think about alternatives.


You can check the updated Training page here -
_you_can_use_TODAY - which is also linked to the Ireland-Dublin Chapter
page. It goes without saying, please do change it and tweak it as you find


Regarding the training modules associated to each presentation, I have
created new ones for the Code Crawler and AppSensor projects using the
information and materials available on the respective project pages. I will,
however, send an email to the trainers asking them to check and add any
updated materials that they may find relevant.


I would also like to take the opportunity to let you know that Dinis has
asked me to focus in the upcoming weeks on the Summit/Working Sessions -
before that, however, I plan to leave everything relating to the work done
on the OWASP Training online and available to everyone (the only thing
missing in the current OWASP Trainnig page is the templates of the OWASP
Training Agenda).


Please let me know if you want me to pass over the details of Diplomata
Tours, the agency who has been helping us with the Summit and that has been
giving us support in terms of booking flights and accommodations for a
number of events. 


I hope this helps and am looking forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,



Sandra Paiva

OWASP Training Manager <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> 


De: fcerullo at gmail.com [mailto:fcerullo at gmail.com] Em nome de Fabio Cerullo
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Para: Sandra Paiva; fiona.walsh at owasp.org
Assunto: Training Day


Hi Sandra,


I hope you had a great start to 2011!


Do you have any news regarding the training day in March 11th? 




Basically I would like to know how many trainers confirmed as yet.


Fiona, could you please help me coordinating this?





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