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Hi Sebastien,


I have updated the agenda and incorporated your comments below.


According to the agenda, the opening session of the Conference, on the 2nd
December, will be done by yourself and Eoin – would Eoin be available to
deliver a slot at the Training Day as well? 


Before starting to contact potential trainers, it would be useful to have an
idea of the budget or model of funding that you have for this event – are
the trainers meant to find sponsorship to expenses such as travelling and
accommodation? Do you have a budget to cover that? 


Is there a point of contact to make all the arrangements or should each one
of them take care of their own? Just for your information, we are using an
agency that has proved to be a great help with this sort of administrative
work – they charge a fee of EUR10 per flight booking, look for the best
possible deals and take care of everything, including the hotel
accommodation. If you so desire, I can ask them to help you on that.


Regarding your reference to a presentation on SAMM and SDLC, there are a few
issues that I must check with you (and assumptions that need to be

-        When you mention SAMM, are you referring to the OWASP Software
Assurance Maturity Model? 

-        When you mention SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) are you
referring to a set of particular projects such as the WebGoat, the AppSec
FAQ Project or the Legal Project? 

-        Are you planning to deliver a session for each Module or present
them both in the same slot?

I am asking this because, having been thought to deal with OWASP Training,
the templates of the Training page are intertwined with the OWASP Modules
and Projects and point out to the respective content – in this case, OWASP
Projects. That is to say that if you prefer to talk about these two issues
within the same slot/session, I will need some contents so that the Training
Module and respective pages can be tailored more precisely to that

The alternative is to have two separate sessions which will allow me to
point to the respective project’s pages. 

For now, I have assumed the scenario where we have two separate sessions
but, if you have the time to send me some contents and prefer to do it as a
unique session, I will rebuild the Training page accordingly.


Many thanks, regards,




Sandra Paiva

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> OWASP Training Manager


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Ha Sandra,


Thanks for you pro-active work on the BeNeLux training Day!

See my remarks inline below

-- Seba

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Hi Sebastien,


I have edited the Training component of the OWASP BeNeLux page to align it
with what I perceive to be the image we are trying to establish for the
OWASP Training initiatives. It goes without saying, of course, please feel
free to edit it as you find best.


We will probably start the training somewhat later to allow registered
people to drive in from The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


I have noticed that you have already some sessions lined up and have
included them in the draft agenda – am I correct to assume that the names
that had been included in the tab relative to the 1st of December are the
only ones set for that day?

Yes - currently we only have Martin and myself. Eoin Keary is currently


Furthermore, to have the template displaying all the contents properly – as
shown here, for example
you_can_use_TODAY – we need to have the following information:

-        Time needed for the presentation;

-        Module’s Name – OWASP Project that is the base for the

-        Module’s Link – Link for the Project’s OWASP wiki page;

-        Presentation Name – Title of the presentation;

-        Presentation Link – Link for the page where online materials that
support the presentation will be stored (see example here


It would be fantastic if the information that is still missing for the
sessions already arranged could be sent to me so that I can update the page
(and create the ones missing) – would that be possible?

I'll update mine directly online today 


On this note, I would be quite happy to help you with the invitations, if OK
on your side. Do you have anyone/any specific Projects in mind? If you do
and could send me the respective names or Projects, I can try and chase them
up with the invitations. If needed, I can also ask Paulo and the GPC if they
have any suggestions.

 That would be most welcome!


I am looking forward to having your thoughts!


Thanks, best regards,




Sandra Paiva

OWASP Training Manager <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> 


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An now OPEN for registration!  <http://www.owaspbenelux.eu/>

It's going to be awesome.


See you all in Eindhoven





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Dear fellow web application security specialists,

We would like to invite you for the upcoming OWASP Benelux conference.
This year the event consists of a trainingday and a conference day. So you
will be able to learn from specialists, attend talks from industry experts
and network with peers.

The conference details:
December 1, 2010: Training Day
December 2, 2010: Conference Day
Location: Fontys Hogeschool, Eindhoven, Rachelsmolen 1, 5612 AM
We will start each day at 09:30.
There is no fee to be paid to attend to the event, but we encourage you to
become a OWASP member if you aren't allready a member!

Please find enclosed the conference flyer and distribute it to colleagues,
friends, students, etc.
You can also download it from:

Visit the conference website for more details.
 <http://www.owaspbenelux.eu/> http://www.owaspbenelux.eu

We Hope to see you in Eindhoven!

Greetings from the OWASP Benelux Conference Organizing Committee 
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