[Owasp-training] Follow up on INVITATION to participate in the IBWAS'10 as an OWASP Trainer.

Sandra Paiva sandra.paiva at owasp.org
Fri Nov 5 14:45:56 EDT 2010

Hi Arturo,


We have received an email from Juan Calderon confirming that he will not be
able to attend the IBWAS'10 Conference.


With regard to your participation, may I ask you to either fill in the
spreadsheet below or send me the relevant information so that I can update
it? It would be great to have this as soon as possible so that we can start
planning the agendas and updating the wiki page of IBWAS'10. 




The info we need is the following:

-         City from where you are travelling;

-         For the OWASP Training Day (16th Dec):

o   Name of the OWASP Project you will be presenting (note that you can make
more than one presentation, if you want to)

o   Time length needed for the presentation(s)


-         For the Conference Day (17th Dec):

o   Confirmation of presence

o   Presentation's Title

o   Time length needed for the presentation


Also, if you could let me know where online I can find the materials that
support your presentation for the OWASP Training Day, so that they can be
added to the Training's page, that would be excellent! 


I thank you in advance and look forward to having your feedback!


Best regards,




Sandra Paiva

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> OWASP Training Manager


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