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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Wed Feb 27 15:52:48 UTC 2013

On 27 Feb 2013, at 15:29, Dave Wichers wrote:

Thanks for that Dave!

And definitely thank you for making OWASP so popular with this project. 
I sincerely hope that Aspect benefits enormously from such an important 
contribution to the world.

> The methodology for how the Top 10 risks are ranks is described 
> towards the end of the Top 10 on the page titled, “Note About 
> Risks”. Maybe a better title for that page would be, the OWASP Top 
> 10 Risk Ranking Methodology, or something like that. The Top 10 
> leverages the OWASP Risk Rating Methodology and uses 4 factors, 3 are 
> likelihood factors, and 1 for consequence.
> The three likelihood factors are: Exploitability, Prevalence, and 
> Detectability.

This is more like a 'exploit popularity contest.' Not what I think of 
when I think of the 'Top 10 Risks', but more like what I think of as 
'Top 10 exploits.'

Risks are very subjective; what one company finds to be acceptable risk 
is potentially game ending at another. They are also cultural. I am told 
that Indians (as in India) 'eat risk for breakfast' while other cultures 
would be very nervous indeed about even getting to work on Indian roads 
- for example. (Apologies to everybody in Hyderabad) ;-)

In my humble opinion:

I don't want to see the top 10 exploits; nor the top 10 risks (after all 
risks are subjective) I want to know the top 10 issues - that is the 
***root causes*** (what will I be guaranteed to do wrong) that I need to 
address as a business to reduce my subjective risks.


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