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Andrew, brilliant. I will update based on your comments/guidance. Thank you!

Mike B.

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I like a unique, and shared identifier within all of OWASP. It might even allow us to get the Honeycomb and other materials integrated in finally!

My main concern is the length.

OWASP-WEBAPP will be the primary prefix for 99% of the materials we have today. Thus everything will start with that.

I'd like for the WEBAPP to drop away, and become:


We don't need to encode values into these as they're for cross-referencing, not stating a fact.

There are several segments relevant to OWASP's interests I think we need to reserve now. Some of these we have material today, and some we don't (but should).

Architecture and Design (AR)
Education (ED)
Risk Management (RM)
Operational Risk (OR)

There will be others as we think about the SDLC in fill in the gaps.


On 08/01/2010, at 12:57 PM, Mike Boberski wrote:

Please see http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Common_OWASP_Numbering for a next proposal, refined based on inputs provided so far.


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