[Owasp-topten] Introduction

Daniel Clemens daniel.clemens at packetninjas.net
Wed Feb 24 16:51:56 EST 2010

I wanted to briefly introduce myself to the list before I start to post and join in on any discussions. 
After a few long discussions with Brad Causey , he asked me if I would be interested in joining this mailing list and possibly contributing. 
I can't say I know what I can contribute that isn't already in the body of existing knowledge but I would love to help any way that I can. (I am going over the last few months of archives to gauge the context of what is going on etc...)

My background over the last 10 years has primarily been focused on information security specifically penetration testing, web application review, some basic exploit development, forensics and enterprise management. 
I have seen a great many things, but in general I consistently feel reality pushing me to understand how much I always 'dont know' regardless of past experience or possibly what my ego may be trying to trick me into believing. :P 

Some of my thoughts and or arguments may come across as being somewhat old school or just ' different ' since I spent the latter part of the 90's growing up on unix , C,  and web application reviews prior to a formal web application review classification , so please forgive me if my context on vulnerability classes and classification is at times gauged a bit differently. 

Once again, I hope I can get to know some of you on and off the list as well as contribute to the subject matter. 

| Daniel Uriah Clemens
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"Moments of sorrow are moments of sobriety"

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