[Owasp-topten] Japanese Translation

Takashi ARIMA jbb00044 at nifty.ne.jp
Tue Apr 6 20:27:43 EDT 2010


  I coordinated a translation team for Japanese version of ASVS.
  So far I am relieved that people outside the team think the quality
of Japanese version satisfactory level.

  Our team is also very interested in translating TOP10 and have a
proposal for the layout.

  When we translated ASVS, we did not consider layout of the document
since we thought we could add another page as we needed. However, in
case of TOP10, we think the layout of document should be basically the
same as that of original English version, as people in mailing list
have discussed.

  My proposal is to send (excerpts of) the original powerpoint file
of TOP10 so that we can find out if whether the original layout can be
kept.  We would like to make "trial and error" and revision.

  Just from our members' intuition, we think we can manage the layout
without omitting original description as long as we keep document size
(letter size).

  Please consider our proposal. Just excerpts are OK. In case of
excerpts, please send  "Risk," "T10," and any "A" pages.

  Takashi ARIMA

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