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Ralph Durkee rd at rd1.net
Thu Nov 19 03:33:44 EST 2009

I think it would be helpful to include a couple of sentences in the 
intro to educate people that the attacks are combined, and give a quick 

-- Ralph Durkee

Dave Wichers wrote:
> Dre,
> You are always thinking outside the box, and that is good, but I think the audience for the Top 10 is far more basic and so they need the obvious (to us) steps first.
> -Dave
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>>  As all of the pen testers here are well aware, info leakage vulnerabilities are often combined or used as a stepping stone to more serious exploits which otherwise may not have been discovered.
> The #1 in the OWASP Top Ten should be "Attack Chaining", because it's
> rare to find people who get this concept. Thus, concepts like using
> XSS to bypass CSRF protections can be discussed. Also, using log/error
> files or other writable local files can turn a LFI into an RFI. Source
> code disclosure can lead to very advanced (e.g. logic) attacks with
> full-knowledge.
> OWASP T10 is mostly a marketing tool. What SANS/CWE Top 25 and many
> other marketing tools don't show is that the problems aren't meant to
> be solved one-at-a-time. One vulnerability isn't as "prevalent" or
> "severe" as any other, especially because multiple vulnerabilities are
> almost always present in any given large web application.
> We're not recommending controls with the T10; we're trying to
> demonstrate the attack principles -- the inherent weaknesses in the
> system. Yet we forget that the system can be attacked like a system.
> The Orange book calls them "object reuse" and "covert channels".
> dre
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