[Owasp-topten] Feedback on OWASP 2010 Top 10 (Sec. Misconfig)

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at aspectsecurity.com
Tue Nov 17 14:37:01 EST 2009

I think that ends up with too broad of a category and the issues are different in my opinion.


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No.  I was thinking we wouldn't drop configuration from the title.   
Just add archecture. Something like

Insecure configuration and archecture

-- Ralph

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> I think taking configuration out of the title would take away from  
> the primary focus of that top 10 area.
> Dave
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> Yes that helps.  Some of what you described as misconfiguration is  
> what
> I was describing as architecture.  Is there multiple tiers, what
> services and roles do each tier provide, what communications are used
> between the systems and components. Are insecure services and  
> protocols
> used, or services that are inappropriate for the architecture, such as
> SMB or NFS on the web server.   Is there XML gateway or Web App  
> firewall
> would included. Frameworks used is also architecture.  Many (not  
> all) of
> these architect issues will come to light with a manual review of
> automated scans.  Why not broaden the title to include insecure
> architecture.
> -- Ralph Durkee, CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, GSNA, GPEN
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> Dave Wichers wrote:
>> My thoughts on security misconfiguration is that it covers the
>> configuration of everything on the server that is hosting the web
>> application as well as anything else in front of that server that is
>> protecting it (at least at the app layer for the 'in front'  
>> components).
>> And it includes the configuration (again at the app layer) of any
>> back-end components accessed by the web app, like the database/DB
>> server.
>> So, for the app server, this includes the OS, the app server, the app
>> itself, and any components/frameworks used by the app that are
>> configurable. For a front end component, like an XML gateway, or App
>> Firewall, then I'd be primarily focused on their app layer  
>> configuration
>> (although their network configuration is important too).
>> As an organization, we recommend increased focus on the app layer
>> configuration of all the components involved since most organizations
>> tend to currently focus on the network layer components. As part of  
>> this
>> configuration, keeping up with the latest version of all the software
>> components involved is also very important as half the patches issued
>> are fixing security flaws, even in libraries, like Struts, Spring,  
>> etc.
>> I would expect both app and network layer scanning to help detect
>> security configuration flaws, as well as manual analysis. Neither  
>> can do
>> this well on its own, but manual analysis is probably the most  
>> important
>> aspect for the app layer.
>> I don't know if this clarifies my thoughts on the subject, but  
>> hopefully
>> it does.
>> I'm not sure what you mean by architecture issues that can be  
>> detected
>> by review of automated scan results.
>> -Dave
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>> Bringing back the "Security Misconfiguration" certainly deserves some
>> discussion.  As I remember the logic for taking it out was that it  
>> was
>> more in the realm of Web Sever vulnerabilities then Web  
>> Application. I
>> agree on the risk rating, but if you consider that these  
>> vulnerabilities
>> should be easily detected with host based and network based
>> vulnerabilities scanners, as oppose to Web Application Scanners.   
>> As I'm
>> thinking this one doesn't belong.  Otherwise we could include  
>> platform
>> issues as well.
>> However on a related thread of thought, Web Application architecture
>> issues are specific to web applications, and probably deserve to be
>> included.  Although I would have to say that most of the architecture
>> issues could be detected by a manual review of automated scans.
>> Maybe there's a third option if there's a reasonable way to combine  
>> the
>> Web App architecture and configuration issues into a reasonable  
>> cohesive
>> group.
>> -- Ralph Durkee
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