[Owasp-topten] [Owasp-leaders] Time to launch this baby

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Wed May 30 19:59:17 EDT 2007

Almost --- I¹d like to include Jeremiah¹s text on automated detection. I
will try as hard as possible to not disturb the translators with this


On 5/30/07 7:18 AM, "Dinis Cruz" <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote:

> It looks like everything is ready to announce to the world the new OWASP Top
> 10.
> We need to update the links on the main OWASP website, add it as a major
> feature in the home page and write a press release.
> We also should write as many articles about it and get them published on
> online and off-line media. The launch is a good reason to get those articles
> published 
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