[Owasp-topten] keeping the .doc and .pdf file up to date

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Sun May 13 13:41:58 EDT 2007


The pdf should be the 'official release' and the WIKI should be work in
progress of the next version. (we might want to highlight major changes to
the content).

That said if there start to be a lot of edits (which I doubt) it might be
required to move the 'next version development' to a new section.


On 5/13/07, Dave Wichers <dave.wichers at owasp.org> wrote:
> I think we should post the initial PDF and then just leave it there, with
> possibly an occasional update.
> -Dave
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> Just to play counterpoint (if you had said not keep it around I would
> have gone with the keep it due to printing concerns as you did), I'm
> concerned there will be differences, keeping track of the master may be
> difficult as the master might end up part Wiki and part .doc, the
> Wikipedia doesn't have ways to print out articles and they get by, there
> is a chart that is really what you need to print out and keep on your
> wall, that is on one page, etc...
> If we decide to go with the online doc, I'd prefer to only go PDF. .doc
> files have had just too many vulnerabilities in them. That would also
> stop people from modifying the file as PDF is typically an output-only
> format and not edited.
> My take is that if we can figure out some way to easily print the Wiki,
> we go with nothing online. If we can't figure that out, we go with just
> the PDF.
> - Neil
> Dave Wichers wrote:
> > My opinion is that we should keep it available as people will want to be
> > able to download a document that is the latest OWASP Top 10. We could
> update
> > the document periodically, like once every six months or something.
> >
> > -Dave
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> > Subject: Re: keeping the .doc and .pdf file up to date
> >
> > What is the plans for the .doc and .pdf file once the Wiki goes live.
> > They will get stale very quickly. Are we going to leave them on the site
> > for download or not? I'm thinking it might be better if we didn't so
> > that we have only a single master copy. I think this is what we decided
> > once before but I want to confirm.
> >
> > - Neil
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