[Owasp-topten] T10 RC2

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Thu May 10 11:27:09 EDT 2007


The best bet with the Wiki version is that I give you the final on Sunday.
That way we can ensure the Wiki is up to date before it is announced on

I can help on Monday night, but if you think we need more helpers, please
let the list know so we can get the helpers necessary.


On 5/9/07 8:00 PM, "Neil Smithline" <Neil at Smithline.net> wrote:

> Andrew,
> What is happening with the Wiki version? I do think (and I haven't
> looked at it in awhile so I can't be sure) that I had the VBA code doing
> converting all of the text formatting to Wiki format. What was missing
> was things like the TOC and separating the vulnerabilities into
> individual pages. My take was that doing that by hand at the end was the
> way to go. Just too much VBA code for too little work (and anyway, how
> much VBA can one endure :-).
> I've gone this far and I'm happy to finish it up (time permitting) but
> I'll need to know what the plans and schedule are. Also, once I start
> the hand-editing, any changes to the original will have to be
> hand-reproduced in the Wiki version. Something I don't look for.
> - Neil
> Andrew van der Stock wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> At long last, here's the OWASP Top 10 2007 RC2. We're going to push this out
>> next week at the conference, so it's edits and emergency changes only.
>> Please download and read.
>> PDF: (980 kb)
>> http://www.owasp.org/images/f/f2/OWASP_Top_10_RC2.pdf
>> Word: (520 kb)
>> http://www.owasp.org/images/e/e7/OWASP_Top_10_2007_RC2.doc
>> Translators, you can start now as I'll use tracking changes between RC2 and
>> Final so you can update just those few changes.
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew
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