[Owasp-testing] (on respectufull OWASP threads) Re: Flagship Project Status

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au
Mon Jun 9 22:01:49 UTC 2014


Dinis Cruz is well known to attempt to influence people against me
because his problem with me is that I denied him promotion of 02
during OWASP Europe 2008 i.e. I refused to cancel a panel session so
he could have a second 02 Presentation and also was applauded by the
fact that he turned up at HITB Amsterdam 2010 to promote 02 rather
than OWASP itself.

The OWASP Board i.e. Josh Sokol investigated this and confirmed that
this was the case i.e.
and expanded on this comment within

Furthermore, Jim Manico (OWASP Board) had also made some observations
of this fact in the past i.e.

In addition, Dinis Cruz is well known to launch attacks against other
OWASP Members without any supporting evidence, such as Sarah Baso i.e.

I would recommend that if OWASP Members want to raise a case against
me that you remove Dinis Cruz from the list of witnesses.  Also be
aware that any action against me will be unsuccessful as the OWASP
Board will have to make this admission in relation to Dinis Cruz as
per of their findings.

On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 11:35 PM, Dinis Cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:
> Jason you are absolutely correct and this type of accusations and behaviour
> should not be allowed/tolerated at OWASP.
> The reality is that Christian (as you can see on this thread) is the one
> that tends to behave like that. There has been many 'arguments' and 'owasp
> threads' in the past, but Christian is the one that brings that level of
> conversion to the table.
> Christian has already been banned (at least) twice in the past from OWASP,
> and after many requests (by many parties) the current board (which should be
> the 'referee' that you mention) has failed to put an end into it.
> My biggest problem with Christian's behaviour is not the accusations that he
> makes (although I have to say that being one of the many in the receiving
> end of such personal attacks ,is not nice at all (specially when he makes
> accusations about OWASP activities that took a lot of effort and personal
> sacrifice)), my biggest problem is the idea that such behaviour is
> accepted/tolerated at OWASP.
> OWASP SHOULD NOT tolerate that type of behaviour, from anyone.
> This doesn't mean that we should not disagree with each other, of course we
> should, BUT it is key that the discussion is kept on a professional level
> and there is a minimum level of respect.
> And of course, if some OWASP leader or contributor feels that something is
> really wrong , then yes that should be reported (with evidence supporting
> it). But that is not what Christian does.
> So please, can the OWASP board deal with this type of accusations! There
> have been too many OWASP leaders and key contributors offended, which is
> really the big loss here.

Christian Heinrich


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