[Owasp-testing] Project Status Evaluation Criteria/Timeline ?

Mitchell, Rick (6030318) rick.mitchell at bell.ca
Mon Jun 9 12:30:05 UTC 2014

I'm resending this as part of a new/separate thread as the original in the testing list seems to have gone somewhat off the rails.

Has the review process or even a timeline been defined yet?

It seems kind of backward to demote projects without having prepared the process by which they will be re-promoted or re-assessed. Or even high level timeline? i.e.:
May - Projects Demoted.
June - Announce demotions and reasoning.
July - Announce review process/criteria.
Aug - Project members/leaders submit info/details, complete forms, whatever...
Sept - Board reviews.
Oct - Project status reset.
At least publishing something like that would give the community some sense of "Ok things are moving/changing, and I have an idea what the plan and timelines are." versus the current "Ok things are in limbo, something might change, at some point, what next? What now?"

Now we have a community of users and contributors sitting with projects in some sort of status limbo. Which "shouldn't" have any major impact or their use etc but from the outside looking in I would be completely unsurprised if in 3 or even 6 months they're still sitting in limbo. In which case we're going to end-up doing ourselves a huge dis-service. Whether or not these statuses were ever meant to impact public perception or not, I believe they do.


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