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Sat Jun 7 09:34:16 UTC 2014

> I don't have an issue with Simon but the fact is Michael Coates, him
> and you have all worked for Mozilla and yet OWASP invested in WebScrab
> in the past.  In Simon's defence he probably didn't know about
> WebScrab because OWASP didn't help with the promotion of known
> projects since hired Dinis Cruz hired personal friends to promote his
> own projects.
On the contrary, I was very aware of WebScarab and its importance to OWASP
at the time - I half expected my application for ZAP to become an OWASP
project to be rejected due to the clear overlap with WebScarab.
I wanted to create a powerful but easy to use security tool for developers,
and I seriously considered using WebScarab as the basis for that tool.
However while WebScarab had much more of the functionality that I wanted
than Paros did, I found WebScarab very complicated and unintuitive.
I decided that I would rather add functionality to Paros than try to make
WebScarab easier to use, and I've not regretted that decision :)

I do agree that OWASP has not been very effective at promoting any of its
projects, including ZAP.
However I'm not going to point fingers at any individuals.
OWASP is primarily a volunteer organization, and its up to all of us to
address issues that we are concerned with.
While I think OWASP could do a better job of promoting all of its projects
I dont have any big ideas how that could be achieved - marketing is not my
area of expertise ;)
I dont like criticizing unless I can offer constructive alternatives.



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