[Owasp-testing] How to help the development of owasp testing guide 4 ?

Roberto Martelloni rmartelloni at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 09:45:09 UTC 2013

Hi to all,

I've recently changed my job and now I'm more involved in web application
security testing. As a personal task I want read the whole owasp testing
guide 4.

I've see that the version 4 is a working in progress.

Are there some way I can contribute in the 'owasp testing guide 4'  in the
meantime I'm reading it ? In alternative are there some stuff I can do to
contribute ?

As all I've not a lot of free time but with an 'best effort approach' I
want try to contribute with some small steps.

Also, Is there an official IRC channel to keep in touch with the community
I'm from Italy and afaik the local chapter is not so active.

thank you.


Roberto Martelloni
boos @ http://boos.core-dumped.info
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