[Owasp-testing] A Few Additions to Testing Guide v4

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We probably don't have to test for usabilit y, particularly given functional testers have that ground covered. B ut we could put a few notes against the relevant controls, like CAPTCHA, prompting the security tester to evaluate whether the control is necessary or usable. 

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You are probably right - the dancing pigs test case might be difficult to define adequately.  Maybe add to the the 2015 edition? 


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Thanks Colin, 
  Great work! 
Regarding testing for "security measure that waste users' time", I'm not sure we can definitively or quantitatively test for security usability. But Angela's point is valid for usability and user acceptance testing. Do you have some thoughts of how we could achieve this? A test for dancing pigs test case? ;) 

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Andrew and Matt 

I have updated: 



and created first drafts for: 





If you don't want a Logging section, I think LOG-001 could be moved to 
Business Logic Testing, and LOG-002 to Authentication Testing.  Note 
that logging is also discussed in OTG-CONFIG-002. 

I wasn't sure if I got the default headings correct as there seems to 
be some differences across the tests. And I may not be consistent with 
my use of "website", "web application" and "application". The case of 
some test names is not always the same - some sentence case and some 
title case, and I wondered if its worth tidying this up before it gets 
too late. 

At AppSec EU this year the opening keynote was given by Angela Sasse. 
She suggested that "Security measures that waste users' time" should 
be one of the OWASP Top Ten because they undermine security. Should we 
have a test description for this based on Angela's presentation? 


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