[Owasp-testing] Testing Guide v4: 2nd phase: Writing

Andrew Muller andrew at ionize.com.au
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Hi Matteo, 
  It's been a bit quiet on the v4 Wiki. When did you want the ToC to be finalised and writing on each of the test cases to completed? 


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Hi all, 
I've reviewed the ToC and add a new paragraph for each new issue to write. 

For example a new article will be like that: 

Regarding the set of articles to review I linked the v3 articles with 
the idea to modify that. 
For example: 

So from now the wiki will be our draft for v4 and v3 will be available 
only via PDF. 

Many of you are not assigned to an article. 
Please, from now tell me what section would you like to write. We have 
to assign all the articles in the next few days. 

Feedback: The Toc is completed at 90%, please send me your feedback 
about the new ToC and my notes in the Toc. 

Now we can start writing! 
Please keep me update (I monitor all the changes on the wiki). Use the 
ml for general discussion and my email for specific issues. 


Matteo Meucci 
OWASP Testing Guide Lead 
OWASP Italy President 
Owasp-testing mailing list 
Owasp-testing at lists.owasp.org 

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