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X-FRAME-OPTIONS only provides a solution for modern/recent browser versions. It also assumes that all the proxies, devices, browsers and plugins that touch the traffic along the way are friendly and don't drop the header.

We should be careful in how we're positioning use of X-FRAME-OPTIONS, Content Security Policy (CSP), and the Origin header as at various points in their lives their usefulness has overlapped greatly.


Origin header:

While X-FRAME-OPTIONS should be part of the solution we should probably also recommend use of some type of JS based solution in conjunction.
http://seclab.stanford.edu/websec/framebusting/framebust.pdf for more info.

On the topic of CAPTCHA testing I'd provide the following references for the consideration of whoever puts it together:
http://www.bonsai-sec.com/blog/index.php/breaking-weak-captcha-in-26-lines-of-code/ -> This one really hit home with me, I've used similar code and a batch script wrapper to loop through images and see if I can OCR them. It's also pretty simple to apply B&W filters or contrast modifications using simple code and the suggested libraries.


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Hello everyone,

When looking at the ToC, I see that "Logout function not properly implemented" is mentioned under "Authentication Testing", but shouldn't this be mentioned under "Session Management Testing" since this vulnerability is about the session which is not properly destroyed on the server?

Then I would also propose to add the following 2 vulnerabilities/test methods:

 1.  Clickjacking a.k.a. "Frameable response": I would propose to add this in section "Configuration and Deploy Management Testing" since this vulnerability can be solved by adding the header "X-FRAME-OPTIONS" to the responses.
 2.  CAPTCHA's: what are good ones and how can they be broken. I think this should be added in "Authentication testing"

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I love you all.

- Jim Manico
OWASP Volunteer

Hi mat,

Please consider also me!

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Hi Ismael,
that's great!

ToC is a DRAFT now. We are at phase (1), we have to brainstorm now.


On 08/30/2012 07:38 PM, Ismael Rocha wrote:
Hello Matteo.
  I made a cross reference between Top Ten and Testing Guide for the
Cheatsheet project Top Ten.
  About the Table of Contents, is it the definitive one and we need only
to assign the contribuitors or we are going to discuss the table of
contents as well?
  Ismael Gonçalves

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     Hi all Testing Guide contributors.

     Testing Guide v4 has been approved as Projects Reboot 2012!

     Here is the list of contributors I've collected:

     Pavol Luptak
     Marco Morana
     Giorgio Fedon
     Stefano Di Paola
     Gianrico Ingrosso
     Giuseppe Bonfà
     Roberto Suggi Liverani
     Robert Smith
     Andrew Muller
     Robert Winkel
     tripurari rai
     Thomas Ryan
     tim bertels
     Cecil Su
     Aung KhAnt
     Norbert Szetei
     Wagner Elias
     Kevin Horvat
     Juan Galiana Lara
     Kenan Gursoy
     Jason Flood
     Javier Marcos de Prado
     Sumit Siddharth
     Mike Hryekewicz
     Ray Schippers
     Raul Siles
     Jayanta Karmakar
     Brad Causey
     Vicente Aguilera
     Ismael Gonçalves

     Reviewers team:

     Paolo Perego
     Daniel Cuthbert
     Matthew Churcher
     Lode Vanstechelman
     Sebastien Gioria

     Introduction and Project purpose for v4:
     ============================ =============
     The OWASP Testing Guide v3 includes a "best practice" penetration
     testing framework which users can implement in their own organizations
     and a "low level" penetration testing guide that describes techniques
     for testing most common web application and web service security
     issues. Nowadays the Testing Guide has become the standard to perform
     a Web Application Penetration Testing and many Companies all around
     the world have adopted it.
     It is vital for the project mantaining an updated project that
     represents the state of the art for WebAppSec.

     Project Roadmap

     - (1) 1st phase: Brainstorming and create a new table of contents

     Objective: creating a new table of contents of the OTGv4
     assigning a task for each contributor.
     I created a new OWASP Testing Guide v4 table of Contents here:

     - (2) 2nd phase:  Writing
     20th September 2012: Start writing the articles
     1st November 2012: 1st Draft
     30th November: end of writing phase

     - (3) 3rd phase: Reviewing

     - 1st December 2012: Starting the review phase,
     - 15th December 2012: Create the RC1,
     - 31st January 2013: Release the version 4.

     Timeline November 2012 1st Draft, January 2013 Final Release

     So, let's start discussion about phase (1)!


     Matteo Meucci
     OWASP Testing Guide Lead
     OWASP-Italy President

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     Owasp-testing at lists.owasp.org<mailto:Owasp-testing at lists.owasp.org> <mailto:Owasp-testing at lists.owasp.org<mailto:Owasp-testing at lists.owasp.org>>

Ismael Gonçalves

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