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I agree with Kevin on this.


In broad strokes I normally explain to process to
co-workers and clients as:


1) Recon - Surf the app (both automated and manual) [read
any user docs that may be available]. In order to find all the
pages/functionality to be tested. (Check xssed.com, etc)

2) Identification - Automated VA (AppScan, Burp Active,
Hailstorm, SkipFish, whatever).

3) Vulnerability Analysis - Manually validate the
automated results, see if you can turn them into interesting things (beyond
alert(1), LFI of win.ini, and SQL errors, etc). Browse through some passive assessment proxies (Fiddler, RatProxy, Burp, etc).

4) Penetration Testing/Business Logic Testing - Can you
push any of the identified issues any further? Command injection? Remote
shells (web shells)? Etc Are there business logic flaws? Can fictional Peter see fictional Joe's accounts/docs. Can I buy products for negative values, etc. JSON or XML data leaks, did they send me more than I actually get to see. Hidden functionality (style=display:none, did they hide things from me instead of actually just not including them in a page, etc). Is CSRF possible (Active scanners try to check for this but aren't "really" good at it. Check manually.) etc etc
That's the basic model I use and explain. Obviously it's not totally linear/chrono, I may loop back around through any step(s) as items are identified or new content/functionality is exposed.




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Hi Jon,


There really isn't a set specific procedure as each
application is

different.  The
owasp testing guide is to give you general guidance on

what should be tested and how it can be tested.  A lot of testers have

their own methodology but at very high level I would
recommend doing

the following first,


Understand the application (purpose and functionality).

- Walk the application with a proxy at each user level

(unauthenticated all the way through all access
roles).  This is

important to understand things such as session handling,
access roles,

redirects, error handling, functionality at each level,

-Spider the app at each level to map it out


Once you have an understanding of the application and the
scope of it

then you can proceed to test things such as input
validation (manual

and with a scanner), session management, business logic,

ciphers, etc, etc. 
Much of these can be tested without any

predetermined order usually but you definitely need to do
the first

step mentioned above. 
A lot this comes with experience of knowing

what to test first depending on what you see during your
walk of the

application.  The
first step is critical when it comes to trying this

such as vertical and horizontal privilege escalation,



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> On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 8:07 AM, crib bar
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>> Does anyone have any sort of documented workflow
on the steps you take

>> when performing a web application assessment. I
know often it's a

>> combination of tools and manual assessments when
performing the audit, but

>> there must be some sort of logical workflow you
follow when doing an audit,

>> i.e. 1) do this first .. 20) wrap up testing and
write the report.




> Isn't this the OWASP testing guide?




> jcran



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