[Owasp-testing] OWASP Hosts it's DB on the same machine as the web server?

rick.mitchell at bell.ca rick.mitchell at bell.ca
Tue Aug 16 08:24:16 EDT 2011

Seems the site is experiencing some issues this morning. What really caught my eye was the "... database server: Too many connections (" part. While the DB might not be exposed externally this is still contrary to what I believe most of us would suggest to our clients (i.e.: DB should not be the same machine as the WebServer. Due to single point of failure, etc.)

"OWASP has a problem

Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.

(Can't contact the database server: Too many connections (

You can try searching via Google in the meantime.
Note that their indexes of our content may be out of date."

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