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I totally agree that all guides need to be compliant with each other. I kind of see Common Numbering as a way to accomplish this.
For example in the Dev guide I assume there's a section (or sections) that deal with strong input validation, via common numbering those sections should reference Testing topics such as SQL Injection, HPP, Buffer Overflow, etc. Similarly via common numbering those same sections in the Testing guide should reference whichever relevant section(s) of the Dev guide (strong input validation).

As I'm saying this I'm also looking at the ASVS content, which common numbering was supposed to be based on, and it seems to have changed since the common numbering idea was put forth. Is common numbering an impossible goal since all guides/projects move at a different pace and are acted upon by different groups? Should Common Numbering be established and set in stone for particular versions of the guides? i.e.: TGv3, ASVSv2009 [couldn't find current version info, docs seem to be tagged 2009], Code Review Guide v1.1, Dev Guide 2.0.1 or actually the upcoming versions should all use v1 of the Common Numbering scheme? Then if new things need to be added to subsequent versions of the guides/projects the common numbering scheme should be incremented and enhanced with new categories/items as well (prior to work on the other guides/project)...

As for O2, I agree that a separate reference or user guide could/should be developed and referenced as needed. At the same time as things currently are the TG provides testing examples using various tools (of the author's choice, at the time of writing), there is no reason that anyone should be prevented from using O2 as part of their example(s). Authors are telling people that they "must" use tool XYZ to test item ABC, it's only an example/suggestion.


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All guides need to compliant each other, cover off the same issues, one might say?
Common numbering is fine but we need to cross reference development and review guides.
O2 is a static analysis tool so why the testing guide? The user guide for that tool needs to be developed stand alone which can then also referenced.
(on a boat off the west coast I'd Ireland, sorry for the berevity)

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If v4 fully adopts Common OWASP Numbering, won't all the guides be aligned? (Unless we purposefully ...

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Hi all,
that is something that has always been on my mind.
Converging guides and methodology is the ...

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