[Owasp-testing] Updated illustrations for the Testing Guide/Wiki

Michael Boman michael.boman at omegapoint.se
Mon Sep 7 09:17:35 EDT 2009

Hi all,


Just got write access to the Wiki, and have a few questions if you don’t


I recently worked on a print edition of OWASP Testing Guide 3.0 for a course
we are preparing, and while I was doing the formatting stuff (this version
is in A5 format instead of the US Letter format that is readably available)
I also went and re-did some of the illustrations using Microsoft Visio
(because some images was just too compressed to be readable after resizing


As I am all about giving back to the community I was thinking about just
updating the old illustrations, but before I do that I want to check a few
things: First off, I was planning to use the PNG format instead of the
current JPG format (JPG is just too lousy IMHO) but either the filename will
not be consistent with its format, or I upload them as new files and edit
the referring documents.


How about the original .VSD file? Shall I upload it as well?


Sorry for the perhaps off-topic question, but I wanted to check with the
community before I make any major changes.


Best regards

Michael Boman



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