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Eoin eoin.keary at owasp.org
Wed Nov 4 06:36:15 EST 2009

Hello everyone,

As you may know The OWASP foundation are going to add a 6th board member.
The member is going to be chosen via an electorial process voted by you,
OWASP members and leaders!!

I have decided to stand for election for this position.  As a long time
contributor and leader I have been with OWASP since 2004. During this time
I've tried to expose disciplines within application security such as
testing, secure development and code review via my current leadership of the
code review and previous leadership of the testing guide.
I feel the board of OWASP needs another non-American member to reflect its
global presence and provide balance.

I've seen the proliferation of our discipline within the industry from the
"What is application security?"  to the "You don't do application
security?",  changes in attitude as a result of recognising the real issues
facing the Internet.

My platform for election is based on my 12 years in the security industry
which includes 5-6 years with OWASP. I'd like to try to:

Make the organisation more mature in terms of its output and its projects
more adoptable by industry etc: If we are ever going to improve things, the
code writers/builders are the first line of defense; adoption of OWASP
leading practice is a key component to success.

Continue with our high productivity, and freedom to be creative, minimise
read tape but also focus on high quality information and tools. Tools we can
rely on, trust in the field, documents that are accurate, reliable and

I'd like OWASP to listen more to leaders within the technology industry and
reflect on their issues in making its own decisions with a view to
addressing the needs of the reality of the situation.

I'd like OWASP to get more involved in research, sponsoring research, new
innovative ways to solve the issues we all encounter.

I'd like OWASP to reach out to industry by gathering current intelligence
such that our direction can reflect what the real issues are out there,
OWASP can be adopted into the mainstream, gain more traction, be considered
an industry think-thank, take part /influence in defining technology
direction, and grow to the next level.

Many thanks for reading this far down the email!!

I shall be flying to the OWASP Summit so I can address you on the
11/11/2009, hope to catch-up/meet you all in DC!!
Eoin Keary
OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author
OWASP Ireland Chapter Lead
OWASP Global Committee Member (Industry)

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