[Owasp-testing] How to propose changes to the testing guide?

Matteo Meucci matteo.meucci at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 03:54:06 EST 2009

Hi Lode,
thank you for your email and excuse me for the late.

Yes, we adopted the wiki model so you can add and edit the paragraph
template simply creating an user on owasp.org. Every project leader
monitors all the changing and verify if the edit is good or not for
the project.

BTW, we just finished the project of version 3 and we are waiting to
create a new project for version 4, also if the main goal now is to
integrate better the Dev, Code Review, Testing and ASDR projects.

Here is the book of the Testing Guide v3 just released:


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Lode Vanstechelman
<lode at vanstechelman.eu> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm new to this list, but not to the testing guide. After the presentation
> of Matteo at FOSDEM last Sunday, I decided I wanted to participate in the
> Testing Guide Project.
> In the past I've read through version 2 of the guide and noted that still
> some small typing errors slipped into the published version. I also noted
> that some of these errors are still there in version 3.
> For example in OWASP-CM-002 (DB Listener), in the Black Box Testing after
> mentioning some default users, you can read: 'In this case, we have not
> founded privileged DBA accounts...' which could be replaced with 'In this
> case, we didn't find privileged DBA accounts...'
> I plan on reading through version 3 of the Testing Guide within the coming
> weeks and I was wondering what is the process of submitting changes to the
> guide.
> Do you send these typo's in emails to the mailing list or to some
> individuals?
> Do you send the Word version with track changes to the mailing list or to
> some individuals?
> Do you directly change on the Wiki?
> ...
> Kind regards,
> Lode
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> Lode Vanstechelman, CISA
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Matteo Meucci
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