[Owasp-testing] How to propose changes to the testing guide?

Lode Vanstechelman lode at vanstechelman.eu
Thu Feb 12 04:20:02 EST 2009

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this list, but not to the testing guide. After the presentation
of Matteo at FOSDEM last Sunday, I decided I wanted to participate in the
Testing Guide Project.
In the past I've read through version 2 of the guide and noted that still
some small typing errors slipped into the published version. I also noted
that some of these errors are still there in version 3.
For example in OWASP-CM-002 (DB Listener), in the Black Box Testing after
mentioning some default users, you can read: 'In this case, we have not
founded privileged DBA accounts...' which could be replaced with 'In this
case, we didn't find privileged DBA accounts...'

I plan on reading through version 3 of the Testing Guide within the coming
weeks and I was wondering what is the process of submitting changes to the

   - Do you send these typo's in emails to the mailing list or to some
   - Do you send the Word version with track changes to the mailing list or
   to some individuals?
   - Do you directly change on the Wiki?
   - ...

Kind regards,

Lode --
Lode Vanstechelman, CISA
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