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chr1x chr1x at sectester.net
Mon Dec 21 10:43:46 EST 2009

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Hi Daniel,

I know that Mateo is the Project Lead of OWASP Testing, since the
OWASP guidelines state that if somebody has doubts can ask them on the
List, so, I tried this way, but, definitively I will contact Mateo to
see what he says.

My 1st contribution was the translation to the Spanish language of the
OWASP Newsletter with other colleagues but I would like to work on
other projects, this time, I would like to contribute with the OWASP
Testing guide next release and if all finish successfully, then go to
other interesting Projects.

Thanks for your reply 8-)

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daniel cuthbert escribió:
> Glad to hear it. Matteo is heading up the project currently, so he's
> better suited to say where help is needed.
> What would you contribute? Anything you feel is missing?
> 2009/12/20 chr1x <chr1x at sectester.net <mailto:chr1x at sectester.net>>
> Hi all,
> I want to know what is the process to get involved in this OWASP
> testing project. I had good experience on doing web security
> assessments and I think I have a lot of good things to
> contribute for
> the next version of the Testing guide.
> Thanks

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