[Owasp-testing] OWASP Testing Guide V3 - Index Brainstorming - "Spidering and Googling"

christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au
Thu May 8 02:22:09 EDT 2008


To follow on from my recent presentation at the OWASP Conference in
Australia, can I recommend that the "Spidering and Googling" section of the
OWASP Testing Guide V2 be split into two sections i.e. "Spiders, Robots and
Crawlers" (before) and "Search Engine Discovery/Reconnaissance" (after) for
the OWASP Testing Guide V3?

The reason for this is two fold:
1. "Spiders, Robots and Crawlers" is a separate process (e.g. recursively
indexing directories outside of robots.txt) and "Googlebot" is dependant on
this technology, hence it would provide a better flow into the "Search
Engine Discovery/Reconnaissance" section, which is why I listed it as
"(before)" "Search Engine Discovery/Reconnaissance" in the above paragraph.
2. The renaming of "Googling" to "Search Engine Discovery/Reconnaissance"
would allow for the inclusion of other search engines, such as Live, Yahoo!,
etc.  Obviously there would be sub-sections under this addressing the
nuances of each search engine.

Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions?

Christian Heinrich
OWASP Individual Member
Sydney, Australia Chapter

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