[Owasp-testing] Project Update

Dave van Stein dvstein at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 07:41:12 EDT 2008

Hi Mat,

Today I stumbled upon a presentation of Joe Walker  on Web Application
Security. In this presentation he mentioned Cross Protocol Exploitation.
This basically is a way of using CSRF or XSS to send commands to a
non-webserver (in his presentation he uses an example of sending the
commands for constructing a mail to a SMTP server).

For the presentation, Google on "cross protocol exploitation joe walker" or
use this link:

I looked into our index and although this exploit is closely related to code
and command injection I think it deserves it own section. Do you agree or
did I miss something and can it be used as an example in one of the existing

I hate bringing this up so late in the project, but I thought it was worth

regards, Dave
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