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Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Sat Jan 20 11:04:24 EST 2007


is it possible for us to re-license the OWASP Guide 3.0 with this  
license, or do I have to find all the 1.x contributors and ask them  
for permission?


On 19/01/2007, at 10:14 AM, Jeff Williams wrote:

>> [1] Previous versions of the OWASP documents used the
>> GFDL license. I've never seen the reasoning behind the license  
>> change.
>> Anyone care to point me to it?
> The CC Attribution Share-Alike (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ 
> by-sa/2.5/) was designed by Lawrence Lessig precisely for wiki  
> content.  The basic idea is that you can reference the material to  
> the licensor without having to attribute back to all of the  
> original authors (which could be very difficult).
> It suits our work at OWASP very well. The GFDL is large and complex  
> and wasn't really designed for a wiki (see http://www.usemod.com/ 
> cgi-bin/mb.pl?FreeDocumentationLicense).
> --Jeff
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