[Owasp-testing] OSSTMM manual

Javier Fernández-Sanguino jfernandez at germinus.com
Fri Jan 19 09:04:01 EST 2007

Matteo G.P. Flora dijo:

>> It might say open source on the tin, but from where im sitting it 
>> looks like a pay as you go open source and im sorry, none of the 
>> content i have written will ever be charged for and this is one of
>> the sole reasons i joined with Mark and Jeff when OWASP was started
>> back in the day.
> No one told you to give content to OSSTMM. We were discussing in
> "taking" content from OSSTMM acknowledging the source and have OSSTMM
> "refer" to code within OWASP.

No can't do. Document licenses of both projects are completely

OWASP uses the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 which is
incompatible with the CC Creative Commons 2.5
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs used by ISECOM (the later being more

Actually, OWASP license is (now [1]) even incompatible with ISSAF's GFDL
license so no text sharing can be done between any of those documents.
At most, ideas can be shared (if rewritten and with due credit).



[1] Previous versions of the OWASP documents used the
GFDL license. I've never seen the reasoning behind the license change.
Anyone care to point me to it?

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