[OWASP-TESTING] Testing Guide structure and documents to do

Joshua Perrymon josh.perrymon at purehacking.com
Wed Mar 22 20:49:34 EST 2006

Let me know if I can help w/ SQL injection , XSS, or cookie


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A lot of the session related stuff is in the doc I sent you a few  
days back, but it does need fresh eyes and some updates.

G l y n   G e o g h e g a n

On 23 Mar 2006, at 02:16, Eoin wrote:

> Hi,
> Attached is a copy of the Testing Guide structure.
> Its a little old but a good start anyways.
> There are many outstanding documents to be submitted by
> contributors. The names of these contributors are written beside  
> each section.
> Some sections are marked completed.
> 1. Can anyone that has completed sections and the document does not
> say "[Completed]" please drop me a line (This email address). Also  
> send me their latest version.
> 2. With any non completed/outstanding sections can those people
> tell me if they are still going to complete these sections . If not  
> tell me also. If document is completed please send it to me.
> 3. There are sections that have no names If you wish to write one
> of these sections drop me a line and inform me.
> rename file to .zip
> In general I want to cover all the sections. See what needs to be  
> done. And assign content reviewers.
> Thanks
> Eoin. (OWASP Ireland + Test Project Lead)
> -- 
> Eoin Keary cissp
> -- 
> Eoin Keary cissp
> <Testing_Guide_II_structure.zip.renameToZip>

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