[OWASP-TESTING] Testing Guide structure and documents to do

Eoin eoinkeary at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 11:16:44 EST 2006

Attached is a copy of the Testing Guide structure.
Its a little old but a good start anyways.

There are many outstanding documents to be submitted by contributors. The
names of these contributors are written beside each section.
Some sections are marked completed.

1. Can anyone that has completed sections and the document does not say
"[Completed]" please drop me a line (This email address). Also send me their
latest version.

2. With any non completed/outstanding sections can those people tell me if
they are still going to complete these sections . If not tell me also. If
document is completed please send it to me.

3. There are sections that have no names If you wish to write one of these
sections drop me a line and inform me.

rename file to .zip
In general I want to cover all the sections. See what needs to be done. And
assign content reviewers.
Eoin. (OWASP Ireland + Test Project Lead)

Eoin Keary cissp

Eoin Keary cissp
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