[OWASP-TESTING] Application DoS Section

Eoin Keary eoinkeary at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 09:34:39 EDT 2005

Hi Larry,
regarding the Java example and memory usage,

If the Java virtual machine JVM uses switches as follows this will limit the 
memory usage

-Xmx10m sets the maximum heap sixe in megabytes (10MB in this example)
-Xoss300k seys the maximum stack size in 1024 chunks
-Xss64k sets the max native stack size for any thread in multiples of 1024.

these can all be seen by typing "Java -X" at cmd line

Just thought you would like to know.

>From: "Shields, Larry" <Larry.Shields at FMR.COM>
>To: <owasp-testing at lists.sourceforge.net>
>Subject: [OWASP-TESTING] Application DoS Section
>Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:00:28 -0400
>Here's my draft on this section
>  <<Application Layer Denial of Service.doc>>
>-Larry Shields, CISSP

><< ApplicationLayerDenialofService.doc >>

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