[OWASP-Chapters] Re: [OWASP-TESTING] Senseposr Eor

Roelof Temmingh roelof at sensepost.com
Thu Oct 6 10:40:00 EDT 2005

OK..I'll reply to the list..but I suspect we should take it off list

> The documenattion says that when you make a new project EoR creates a new
> directory:
> source/@stake/
> For me is creates an "output" directory where I place the text generated
> webproxy log file.

The documentation is a bit dodgy I think...well...ok..it is for sure. The
old version created @stake directory - the new one simply says output/.
You should drop your filewriter output in the root of the project - the
generated output would go in the /output diretory.

> When using Webproxy SSL I get the following error:
> --snip---

when you install @stake proxy you have the choice to install your own Java
run time or one that is bundled. I know there are problems with using your
own...so I always use the one that comes with the package. Perhaps that's
part of the problem? Anyone else with 1.008 having SSL issues? I've
installed this many times and used SSL without any problem.

> Anyways, when I place the .txt file from the
> "WebProxy1.0r1.008\logs\06-Oct-2005\" directory to the output\ directory
> and press "Load Request" I get the HTTP parsing error.

Is it possible to get your webproxy filewriter output (I know it might be
sensitive)? Then I can start checking where it breaks in the parsing
routines. As something to quickly try - walk the app again - but set HTML
output in the filewriter to FALSE...and try again.

Hope this helps,

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