[OWASP-TESTING] final draft of the outline

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OK I am unsubscribing ;-)


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Hi all,
This thread about Cost/Project Estimation is getting a lot of heat! I guess thats good ;)
I can understand both sides of the fence, but I can also see the benefits of providing some guides to
these issues.
Maybe we can continue as planned, working on the phase 2 as normal (lead by Daniel :), but also creating a rough draft 
covering project estimation and such... In this draft we could make very clear this is not a guide
to be follow letter by letter but just a general guide.
So at the end we can have a possible Phase 2 industry stantard and the draft.
Will this help  or is a bad idea ?
Simon Roses Femerling
Consultor en Seguridad / IT Security Consultant
IT Deusto
Madrid, Spain

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