[OWASP-TESTING] final draft of the outline

Shields, Larry Larry.Shields at FMR.COM
Thu May 5 08:52:33 EDT 2005

I agree.  Especially in black box testing, you can provide some rough
rule of thumb stuff for a timebox for various applications.  It will at
least provide a rough guesstimate for the poor project manager who's
trying to make sure the application is secure and needs to put some
number in the budget.


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>True, but a guideline (with a massive caveat stating this isnt set in 
>concrete blah blah blah) would help companies who have zero 
>understanding of app testing to understand if they are being taken for
a ride.

I agree that needed resources heavily depend on the
complexity/size/insert_your_favorite_variable_here of the application,
but exactly for this reason it would be great to provide a few hints to
help companies to have some clues about how much effort is needed to
test their apps.

>Ok, hows about i'll write up the section and everyone can review it 
>once the rest of the sections are finished?

Sounds great :)



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